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Program to convert vector maps, orthophotos and digital elevation models from the old to the new ETRS89 ED50 Datum

This program can transform vector mapping, orthophotos, digital elevation models and ascii files of coordinates, the former Datum and Geodetic Reference System called the new ETRS89 ED50.

VERY IMPORTANT: The grid transformation between ED50 and ETRS89 used by this program is the first version published by the IGN . This is a file format called NTV2 "sped2et.gsb".

IGN has recently released a new version of this grid transformation, called for the Peninsula “R2009V9.gsb” .

It will therefore be necessary to delete the file (C: \ Program Files \ ED50ETRS89 \) sped2et.gsb and replaced by the new version, renaming previously.

In the website of CENIG you can download other tools of transformation, with the advantage of this tool to change not only coordinate but also points vector and raster files in various formats.


Change Datum ED50 to ETRS89 (ZIP format, size 10.5 MB )